All running programs contain a variety of exercises on different days. Below is a description of the main types used in our programs.

Tempo Runs

Tempo runs build your speed and confidence in your running. Run these at a steady pace of about 65% to 75% of your max Heart Rate. The “feel” of the pace should feel comfortable but hard, although not so hard that you start breathing heavily. Start these runs with a warm-up section and finish them with a cool-down section too.


Divide your total running distance into a warm-up section, an interval section and a cool-down section at the end. Do your interval section at an easy and relaxed pace and at the end of the section increase your speed to a sprint for 30 seconds. Your heart rate will go up to about 80% of your maximum heart rate. Then relax to your easy pace again and start your next interval.

Easy Runs

Run at a comfortable, conversational pace that you can sustain throughout your workout. If you find yourself gasping for air, slow down! We mean it – these exercises are not called EASY for nothing.

Speed Intervals

Start these exercises by warming up at an easy pace. Run the distance of the segment at your race pace. Once you’ve covered the distance run at an easy recovery pace for the allocated time and repeat the process again. A great tip here is to get a training diary to log all your times and workouts. In doing so you can track your stats such as your average heart rate, maximum heart rate and time for each of the intervals. Over time you’ll start to see these values improving as you get fitter.


If you are into other sports enjoy a day of cycling, paddling or swimming. Gym work is also a great form of cross training. These activities should ideally be non-impact to build fitness and prevent injuries.


Rest and recovery are the most part of any training program. Be sure to get enough sleep and rest. Make use of a sports massage therapist to aid recovery and prevent injury.